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Best Features

Here are a few causes that make our app the best

  • Material design

    Following the latest Google guidelines for App design. Fully designed for Lollipop.

  • List your files

    You can access your list of files. Open or download them onto your device.

  • Add new files

    You can add a new files straight from the magnet link on your browser or add it opening a torrent file.

  • Instant Play

    Download files to your device, to watch on the go. Or stream them directly to your device or a XBMC/KODI instance.

  • Search

    Search between millions of files already available on

  • Multiplatform

    Works great on Phones, Tablets, or Android Devices connected to your TV.

Why FurkIt?

  • It looks good

    Nice and simple interface. Easy to use and user-friendly interface.

  • Lots of Settings

    You have available lots of settings to help you to easily use the app. Search settings, filters, ...

  • Fully Featured

    You can do everything you can do on the website. If you are on the go, you won't lose any feature from Furk.

Stream content right on your device

Yes, as long as you can find the content you want, you can play it immediately to your device.
You can also stream it straight to your XBMC/KODI instance at home.

FurkIt in action

A small example of how Furkit works.


  • 1000-5000


  • 4.3/5

    Average rating

  • 56/85

    5 stars ratings

Why Do People Love FurkIt

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